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List of Top 10 Marvel Big Bad Villains

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We all know that our Avengers team has beaten almost every villain in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. First Loki, Ultron and now they finally going to beat Mad Titan Thanos. There are so many villains exist in Marvel Cinematic Universe which we haven’t seen in action with our Marvel heroes. Villains like M.O.D.O.K, Annihilus, Galactus and many more we haven’t seen in movies. Here now I will talk about 10 best Marvel Villains of Marvel Comics and movies.

List of Best Marvel Villains

10. Shapeshifter: Mystique

Mystique is a mutant who has the ability to shapeshift herself into someone else. She can take the form of any human as well as animals too. In movies, Mystique characters are played by Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence. In previous X-Men movies, we saw Mystique fighting X-Men several times. It might be she betrayed X-Men that’s why she is on Magneto’s side. Mystique character is currently played by Jennifer Lawrence and she will be seen in X-Men: Dark Pheonix very soon.

9. King Pin

King Pin is DareDevil’s main villain. He is infamous for his criminal activity. Some people say that he is a mutant, that’s why he is so strong and able to defeat heroes. He showed up in various Marvel Super Heroes cartoon series and web series. Recently King Pin showed up in Daredevil’s original Netflix web series and Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse animated movie.

8. Loki: The God of Mischief

Loki is sure The God of Mischief. He trigged Marvel heroes in comics and marvel. In movie Thor: The Dark World, we have seen that Loki died but actually he has taken the form of his stepdad, Odin. He trigged Thor and other Asgardians by taking shape of Odin and his true identity revealed in Thor: Ragnarok. I give Loki 8th position on the list of best Marvel villains.

7. Green Goblin

Most of the Marvel fans are familiar with the Green Goblin. In most of the cartoon series and movies, this character played Norman Osborn and sometimes by Harry Osborn. According to his origin, Harry or Norman Osborn does experiment on themselves to gain SuperHuman strength or powers. In the case of Norman, Osborn experiment goes wrong and he gets split personality disorder, from there Green Goblin rises. He is Spider-Man’s one of the main villain. In movies have seen Green Goblin in 2 different Spider-Man movies. So, he is on 7th position of my list of best Marvel villains.

6. Magneto

Magneto has mutation powers for manipulating iron. He can easily move and mold metallic objects. He is the one who founded the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. His purpose is to take over or rule over the non-mutants. He is very famous for his criminal activities and we also have seen him in various cartoon series, comics, and movies. Once Magneto used to be an X-Men but he doesn’t the way how X-Men or Charles Xavier’s work. Charles Xavier and Magneto are friends from decades but they both stand against each other because they both follow a different path and have different objectives.

5. Red Skull

Red Skull is one the most famous Nazi Villain of Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to his appearance, he has Red Skull. According to movie and comic book theory, he got his red face because of injecting Super Human serum into his body. He repeated the same process the Captain America made. Some theories say that serum affected negatively on his body. He sure gained superhuman strength and longer life span but he sacrificed his humanity for that.


Apocalypse is one of my favorite mutant and marcel cinematic character. He is one of the most dangerous mutants until now. Apocalypse exists for a couple of centuries and ended up killed by Jean Grey (Dark Pheonix). Apocalypse has so many mutant powers like super strength, teleportation, energy absorption, healing powers, body switching. We saw Apocalypse in the X-Men: Apocalypse which was released in 2016.

3. Mad Titan Thanos

Mad Titan Thanos is the current strongest villain faced by The Avengers. Thanos has shown in various Marvel Comic Issues and we have seen Thanos in various Marvel Cinematic Movies like The Avengers, Guardians of The Galaxy and recently in The Avengers Infinity War. Thanos is the one who has a plan to eliminate or erase half of the universe population. According to him by doing this will bring balance between all the planets and their living beings. To erase half of the population Thanos required all Infinity Stones to perform that action in a single snap of fingers. We already know what really happened in The Avengers Infinity War and how Thanos got his Gauntlet and all Infinity Stones. Now fans are waiting for the 4th installment of The Avengers movie known as The Avengers EndGame.

2. Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom is on the 2nd position in the list of Best Marvel Villains. Dr. Doom is mainly Fantastic Four’s villain but he appeared in various of Marvel Comics. According to Dr. Doom, he is the smartest and strongest being on the planet and compares himself with Dr. Richard Reed also known as Mr. Fantastic. Dr. Doom often teamed up with the heroes to defeat the common enemy but that sure he does for the purpose only.

Dr. Doom wears special Armor which protects him from major damages and heals his wounds regularly. He also uses flying boots which help him to get flight ability and also has power laser shooter in his metallic gloves.

In a way, Dr. Doom is the Batman of the Marvel Universe. He’s always prepared and has the smarts to defeat anyone. And thanks to his decoy Doom-Bots, it’s hard to pinpoint a time when he was ever truly defeated. But unlike Batman, his pride and arrogance often get the best of him, which causes his eventual downfall.

In his most sickening play for power, he sacrificed his estranged wife (his one true love) to a pack of demons in exchange for ultimate magical power. They granted his wish, ripping her apart and crafting him new enchanted armor out of her skin. Her skin! If you’re still wondering why he’s Marvel’s number one villain, then wonder no mo1.re.

1. Galactus

According to many Comic books, Galactus is the Strongest Villain exist in the Marvel Universe. Galactus is the one who exists before and after the big bang. He was born as the Humanoid Galan planet known as Taa. After consuming Cosmic energy The Galactus and his Starship created. Galactus is the humanoid who required to consume or feed planets to live. So, Galactus roam into multiverse in the search of the planets full of energy and living beings. Galactus fed so many planets like symbiotes and the Kree planet Tarsis. Galactus had also many envoys who search the planets for him.

So these are top 10 best Marvel Villains till now. Thank You for reading.

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Hi, I am an MBA Graduate and currently working as Digital Marketing Executive. Blogging on Marvel comic books, playing video games, music, youtubing and adventurous sports are my hobbies. If you have any query or want to share your views or even your own content on mcu phase 4 you can send me email anytime.
List of 10 Best Marvel Villains in Comics and Movies.
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List of 10 Best Marvel Villains in Comics and Movies.
Read all about 10 best Marvel villains of Marvel cinematic universe. There are so many villains exist in MCU. Read this blog post on 10 best Marvel villains.
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